back to self…

to your true,

inner soul self… 


belonging, connection and healing…


The wind is rustling the wings of the angels on earth.

Woman, can you feel it?

 Have you felt a longing in your heart for something that brings you a sense of belonging and acceptance? A community…. a tribe… a family. 

Do you hope for a space to be truly heard? 

What if you could find a way to connect with your true feelings without stuffing them down, losing control, becoming overwhelmed? How would it be if you could actually connect and access your true longings, your truth… all the things you never say…..

Tree Of Life Of Woman is an opportunity to walk the middle path… a gentle enquiry into soul growth, personal growth, and exploring spirituality in your own unique way with your own language.

Our Tree Of Life Of Woman growing… we are coming together to share, to recreate community… in support of one another. 

Tree Of Life Of Woman supports you as a woman, by simply offering opportunities to experience connection, healing and belonging. 

Being supported to return to the deepest truth of your Values, find your Vision and express your true self with your Voice is one of the transitions of womanhood. As you do, you find that your happiness increases, your power returns and you once again innately accept your ability to empower yourself and choose a life that you love. 

Tree Of Life Of Woman, created by Catherine Evans is a community of women, with women’s circles, events, workshops, groups and retreats. Catherine began gathering women many years ago to give support to birthing women. In a world where the focus was on what could go wrong in birth, Catherine wanted to create a space and a community where women could talk about what they hoped for in birthing and what could go right for them.

For many women, this was a healing place, sharing their deepest, truest feelings gave freedom to their experiences from the past so that they could move into their next birth experience once again with hope and renewed confidence, resilience and flexibility.

Women’s Circle held the same intention. A healing place of simplicity and acceptance. A simple rythym of connection and safe sharing of stories can be incredibly empowering. 

If you are looking for connection, depth,  authenticity and a tribe ~ you are home.