Welcome to Tree Of Life Of Woman

Womanhood is not always an easy journey to traverse. How are you finding it?

Are you a mother, woman, partner, wife? Do you feel as if you are navigating your life in a way that feels confusing, or swamped with worry or anxious feelings? Is it a maze of days as you no sooner fall asleep on your pillow only to wake again to another busy day? Inside yourself do you long for peace within, a reprieve from that feeling of being lost?

So many roles

Each role we have as women has tasks, requirements and demands.  And WOW sometimes we just GET SO DAMN TIRED!!! We feel like a dishrag that is subjected to the most amazing push-me, pull -you feelings. It can be so confusing. 

As women, we often forget that our ‘self’ matters too. We ARE important. Holding the family together is no small responsibility.Yet we expect so much of ourselves….and often we forget to invest in the centrepiece, the woman within.

There are times in our lives as we traverse this journey of womanhood when we need support. Sometimes being in a group of like-minded women is enough to feel supported and nurtured. At other times, we need something more private, such as one on one sessions. It is important to find the life coach, counsellor or practitioner that is right for you. As you go through the process of deciding who to choose, you can check in with your intuition and trust what is there. Then choose that person. 

Catherine’s focus when working with you is first to settle into presence. Then there is a spirited focus on your inner ability to empower and heal yourself of hurt, difficult experiences, disappointments and strive to move towards fulfilment and happiness.

Some services that offer coaching have their main focus on goals and action plans. Whilst we know that setting goals and taking action are important. Catherine works with women in a more feminine model where we explore and get curious about accessing intuition and the four intelligences of head, heart, gut and womb. We work with what is within and become familiar with trust and surrender. 

Connecting with these elements of herself, a woman can navigate her own path of healing and transformation with support, guidance and sharing of knowledge. A woman is the only expert of her own life and soul. 

I always found it to be challenging to seek support and not talk to the person I had chosen to see first. It’s weird right? Turning up somewhere without any idea what that doctor, counsellor or professional is like before you get there? I like to have a sense of who they are because after all qualifications are one thing but it is who the person is inside that makes all the difference.

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