Cellular Transformation Workshop

An Inspiring and Sacred Way to begin 2019

Pheobe Clark, MA & Mailea Miller-Pierce, PhD are offering this empowering and powerful workshop.
Mailea is an energetic therapist, intuitive healer, scientist and teacher. She grew up in the United States in Hawaii and California and has traveled throughout the world as a student studying Core and Cellular transformation with Ger Lyons, renowned Irish Mystic, Healer, and Metaphysician.
Mailea has been Inducted and received Honorary Credentials in the Ancient Celtic Cellular Healing process. She has trained and worked in Ireland to connect with her Celtic ancestry and has also worked with individuals and groups in Australia, Hawaii, Canada, and Europe. She is of Irish, Scottish, Polish, and English descent.
Pheobe Clark is a trained metaphysician, experienced intuitive healer, and poet trained in the mystical arts and healing medicine of Transformational Cellular Healing under the guidance and teachings of world-renowned Irish healer Ger Lyons.
Pheobe has a mystical, magical, and warrior lineage rooted in her ancient Persian, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Celtic, and Viking bloodlines and heritage. By the grace of God and all the Gods in Great Spirit, Pheobe was exposed to diversity in the very rural Midwest town and country living she grew up in and was influenced by the essence and direct contact with the Quapaw, Osage, and Kaw Nations whose land she was born and raised upon. Pheobe left the rural town to study and receive a BA in Psychology. Signing up for a Peace & Justice course in her final year of undergraduate study set her momentum to get her MA in Conflict Resolution.
Deeply inspired by the grace, wisdom, knowledge, and actions of Gandhi, she has put into practice his teachings and offers them in her own work. She has united these teachings with Transformational Cellular Healing, Nature, Poetry, Travel, Culture, Uniqueness, Ancient & Ancestral Medicine, Essenes Transmissions, and original medicine from every land she travels to. Pheobe always asks permission and arrives with respect for the original peoples of all places and spaces she goes.
Pheobe also explores and lives in the in-between and is heartened by the role of the 'rend' in Persian tradition that Hafez speaks of. This is enforced by Pheobe's extensive work as a medium in death and dying offering the dead an opportunity to rest in peace and loved ones to be set free from any ancestral and karmic ties or conditioning. She is also a channel for change bringing those who feel dead inside back to living a full and flourishing life.
Pheobe loves love and honors all the ways, shapes, and forms that love creates. She will often quote her teacher Ger Lyons saying, “As we expand into love, we get to see what Love isn’t.” And as we see what love isn't, Pheobe feels there is a greater opportunity for compassion with deep understanding that there is not separation between what we experience on the outside and what is potentially an internal struggle on the inside.
Pheobe and Mailea travel the world offering sacred ceremonies and healing events. Pheobe offers 5-day healing workshops, retreats, private sessions, and rights of passage ceremonies (i.e. partnerships, death and dying, initiation, holy days; and spontaneous configurations in workshop settings and private sessions).
Both of these amazing people work globally with individuals and groups. They offer ancient rites of passage through ceremony, invocation, and living mystic prayer rooted in Nature-based, Pre-Celtic & Druidic tradition.
All are welcome to attend!
Release stress & pain,
Heal grief & trauma,
Bring balance into your life.
Ignite the flame within &
Set your Life on Fire!!!
If you would like to know more : Please email catherine@treeoflifeofwoman.com.au or call Catherine on 0407 900248

~Woman's Circle ~


~ & In the Women's Room, Busselton, Western Australia~

You are a unique woman.

Women's Circle is a unique woman's space for women to gather and share sacred time together.

How is Circle facilitated?

Catherine facilitates safe, nurturing Circles. During Circle, time seems to disappear. Women can relax and breathe into their true and honest self and speak from that place inside.

It is a sacred and beautiful two hours out of each month in your life. Each Circle becomes a grounding place... a place to return to. We reflect on the month past and vision the future month.

It is marking time in our busy lives. We replenish and renew. 

We share stories, sing, listen to inspiring words, give our thoughts/prayers to others. We share our wisdom. A woman's circle is a space where love, connection and an honouring of our feminine spirit is held. The Circle is held by each woman for each woman. All spiritual beliefs are respected and welcomed. 

Why is Circle so unique and how is this one different from other Circles?

This Circle is sacred simplicity and the rhythm of the circle is relaxed and informal. 

In Circle, you will find yourself held as your true self, your soul self, the person you are and want to be. Your need for the masks that sustain you as you go to work, school and manage life, can be left at the door. 

Being with other women who are travelling a similar woman’s journey to you is a gift. As women we are mother, wife, partner, community member, friend. Women find in one another a glimpse of another who knows, who understands. In her eyes you are equal to her, a traveller traversing the womanhood path.

Nature ~ can help us slow down.

As a child growing up on our farm I felt very connected to the earth. I was not consciously aware of the cycles of the moon and yet I lived in some kind of rhythm with the cycles of nature. Being outside a lot in those years gave me a feeling of being held somehow. The deep love I had for the farm remains with me to this day. Nature was the place I retreated to when things were challenging. It was also the place I sought to celebrate. Nature can bring us to presence.

Nature calls us to notice what is in the moment, a beautiful full moon, a wild sea, an eagle flying. Nature is our natural mindfulness class. Many of us live disconnected now from earth, from any kind of rhythm that creates space for us to connect to ourselves, to pause from our busy lives. The moon cycles can give us a gentle nudge to remember and to honour our selves.

Circles offered

We offer two Circles. Our 'Invitation' Circle is held near full moon time and our Inner Sacred Circle is held near the new moon time.

A full moon is full and round. As the sun and moon are directly opposite each other, the fullness is illuminated. It is a time to receive the gifts of your past intentions, and even possibly your current one. As we move forward, the moon transforms from waxing to waning, and this signifies our journey to take our focus within rather than outwards.

Our Sacred Inner Circle is by invitation only. It is a gathering of women who have been coming to Tree Of Life Circles for an extended period of time. This Circle is held near the new moon which marks the beginning of a new cycle. The new moon holds an emptiness and marks a time of receptivity and full potential for what is to come. It is a perfect time to create and hold intentions for what you hope for in your life. 

You can read more about Women's Circles from the Blog here http://treeoflifeofwoman.com.au/2016/08/31/womens-circle-what-is-that-hippy/