Counselling/Individual Sessions

Tree Of Life Of Woman Coaching is an experience of having a powerful or peaceful conversation where as a woman you are able to be heard, be honoured and be held in a space that enables you to access from within ~ your own wisdom. 

Tree Of Life Of Woman Coaching is not therapy nor is it specifically goal setting coaching.

Tree Of Life Coaching is an experience of connecting with your own intuition, inner knowing and true self. 




KIS Birth Counselling



KIS Birth is a unique approach to supporting women in their journey of building confidence, knowing their own centre of power, strengthening their connection with their own intuition, sourcing their true values, finding their vision and expressing their hopes and wishes through finding their voice in pregnancy and birth. 

KIS Birth is also coming in book form in 2020 with the book “ Navigating Your Birth “ by Catherine Evans. The vision is also to create the material of the book into an online course for self study and self empowerment. 




Professional Supervision



Coaching for Professional Women within Tree Of Life Of Woman is a conversational and creative space where experiences of the professional woman are shared and reflected upon.

New perspectives, creative ideas and empowered responses can be considered whilst also providing an opportunity for professional growth, skills enhancement and inspiration for new approaches to the way that you experience your working professionalism and enjoyment of your career.  





 Sessions are available in person, via Skype or Zoom or by phone. To book a session please click below: