Mind, Heart


Soul Retreats

Mind, Heart, Soul Retreats were inspired by simplicity. Although we are complex beings what was inspired and drawn to was the concept of understanding and experience being possible to be simple and profound at the same time.

The complexity of our time, with high technology and a multitude of theories and ways of living the conception of a ‘perfect’ life called to the idea that we truly have all we need inside of us.

And that because of this, a sacred space where we can come together with suspended judgment, acceptance, shared learning, and wisdom enables this coming home to our true self.

Kokoro unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit: It sees these three elements as being indivisible from one other.  Yoshikawa Sakiko

(Quote from: director of Kyoto University’s Kokoro Research Center.)

And so… Kokoro retreats are an opportunity to come back home to your true self and be more of who you truly are.

Together we come to learn and share about our minds and ways to quieten the thoughts and worry and anxiety to make way for the highest expression of our minds… creativity, love and all things that are all possible.

So we learn and come to know that our heart at its highest expression is compassion and our gut at its highest expression is courage.

And so, we come together.

We share learnings, we share our stories, we sing, we laugh and we grow. We strive to become more comfortable with presence and we also remember together our true essence and remind one another that a balance of feminine and masculine energies bring us all of what we need and more.

Retreat Dates for 2020:

To be Advised

Retreats Hoped for 2021

Friday, June 18, 19. 20th, 2021

October 15th, 16th, 17th, 2021