Welcome! So great that you have found Tree Of Life Of Woman.

So to keep it short… as this isn’t about me it’s about YOU.

I want to tell you about my vision. Long ago, I had an experience (when I was supporting birthing women) where I saw the planet from a distance and there were a zillion lights shining like stars all over the world and I knew at that moment that each star on earth was, in fact, a woman, a mother, and I knew for certain that I wanted to support as many of those women as possible.

My mum died when I was 21 years old. In fact, I turned 22 the next day. I did not get to ask her about whether or not she thought the man I chose was a good match for me. Nor could I call her for reassurance when my baby was unwell or get advice when my spirit was longing for something and I didn’t know what it was. I was fortunate to have my beautiful wise sister there for me though who was 16 years older than me (still is!) and my beautiful wise friend Alison. These two women showed me what true support is. Both of these incredible women were naturally advanced communicators and innately coaches and counsellors. I was truly blessed.

As my life expanded to include husband, the family I was driven to support women in birth as I still do now, but in a different way. Now I support birthing women via counselling prior to birth to assist them with resources and tools for dealing with anxiety, fear, empowerment and choice.

This has also expanded now to supporting women in general. Kind of like being a midwife for a woman’s life. Supporting a woman as she reclaims her wholeness, mind, body, spirit and soul is an incredible privilege. I am grateful in every way that my path has brought me to work with women in this way. I am also fortunate to work with women in groups as well and workshops and womens circles are definitely my happy place. 

We have raised 4 beautiful children (with my husband Kim) and together we continue to nurture and celebrate our family.

During my years of raising children, I was ‘stay at home’ mum with them for 14 years. It was a treasure of a time with, of course, trials and tribulations. Now, looking back it was all worth it of course. And yet, many times I cried into my pillow and found frustration and deep learning,  my closest friends.

I have a deep desire to serve you as a woman. To walk alongside you as you navigate your way through your life. So many transitions and so much letting go!

Somehow during my parenting journey I, also managed to gain my Social Work Degree and a few other qualifications on the way. I am currently working my way towards Mental Health Accreditation with the Australian Association of Social Workers.

For some, qualifications are important as a choice is made regarding who to see for support so for you I mention them here. For me, my greatest learning has been self-compassion and compassion for others.

I have had a very deep personal journey of my own and have experienced in my teen years growing up with a father with severe depression and a mother who was very ill with cancer. I have experienced loss and I have had to continually look inward to find the answers to my own happiness because the conditions outside of me changed so much so many times.

I welcome you with whatever your journey is and hope to support you in some way as you navigate your own path.

I send you most of all love and acceptance and wish for you each day a little more understanding of your pain, distress, and discomfort as you journey towards living more and more in your true spiritual self and increased happiness.


Bachelor of Social Work, Member of AASW, Diploma of Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Professional Certified mBIT Coach

Pregnancy non-directive Counselling, (You may be eligible for Medicare Rebate 1 – 3 sessions pregnancy counseling)