Hey beautiful family – I wake and write this at 2 am. My first thought is of you… Of how much I love you & then I think of our night last night & how lost we all were in our screens. The Internet summons us to its stories, it’s dramas & its unending interesting stuff AND I realise in a strong flashing moment how I LONG for screen free moments that are now very few.

 Our bond as family is interrupted like a team of aliens have invaded right into our lounge room. AND I miss the evenings of books being read and the adventure inside there being shared together as we all ponder what might happen next….
My heart actually feels grief…. Because this foreign invasion overtakes us all … Even when we know it’s happening we willingly sacrifice each other for pixels & videos of stuff about having a meaningful life.. . While we unaware give up our own… So how do we reclaim it? Each other? Do we gather up our life force our family force and claim time after dinner? Or a walk on the beach together after school? A coffee after school pick up ? Or breakfast shared in the mornings?
I’m not sure you know how actually much we love you.. How we had to put connection in our family at the top of our list to make our family the awesome one it is..,,
Are we giving it away now? Unawares will we look back in months time, years and see what we gave away?
Anyone up for a challenge? Of reclaiming our family.., of connection of reclaiming a heartbeat that lives in this moment right now… In our treasured home… One that we can look back to and remember how and what we claimed….. With memories that are real… Lived… Experienced….
We love you beyond all other things and people….not sure if you’ll know how much somehow.., lets take it back… A tiny bit of family each day… Let’s just stand up and claim it! In the same way people claimed the lands of their countries.. Let’s truly honour the wonderfulness that we have – that we unknowingly sacrifice daily.., each other 💜💜💜💜 and be present and get our JOY back… Our happiness… Our laughter… Fun!
Who’s in?