The weirdest things make me cry… it’s always been this way and yet it kind of makes me wonder what touches a woman’s soul.

How is it for you? Do you find yourself feeling deep emotion at times? Often we get confused by emotion and feelings. Richard Moss states that feelings are just feelings and emotions are feelings with thoughts attached. This is such helpful wisdom.

Depth of feeling can be stirred by images, stories or experiences where the human spirit and the power of the human spirit is witnessed. It is a soul thing…. Something can stir my soul and ignite in me the fires of deep love and longing that I used to feel as I looked out at the plains on our farm. The endlessness of that landscape always stirred my soul… into awakeness and aliveness and reminded me that I was more than a human and that my body held within it a spirit of someone alive, passionate someone who cared deeply. So deeply to the place of no words….


Photo source: Google Maps 2013,146.570546,3a,75y,227.73h,67.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swOvFqikkWVGBhm6waqaSWw!2e0!7i3328!8i1664!6m1!1e1

It is in this place of no words that I often find my true self…. And it is the no words that makes it easier to find me there…

I once heard a quote from John Shelby Spong “ Ask yourself, what would your experience of God be without words?” I love this as although I am not religious I do have a strong sense of spirit or source or the universal power. What is our experience of our true self within then without words?

When my mind goes still… which okay is very rare – I have a sense of this. So how can you bring this into your life? What is the key to experiencing presence of self?

The brain, the head intelligence is a busy area. It is actually in reconnecting to our hearts that we begin to slow down, be calmer and connect with our true selves.

Once we access and connect with our true self… we can begin to truly live a life and have truer relationships…..

Brene Brown refers to this way of living as wholehearted living.

Being at home with our true self is a peaceful, knowing place and I always feel good to be there.

Have you found yours? Do you have a longing that you cannot explain to find this?