Who knows where humble ends and giving until there is nothing left beginsWhen did our being mothers become blended into the woodwork

And when did we start thanking everyone in the house

For cleaning up their own mess?

In what year did you somehow become less aware

Of what you give to your family

That then extended to what you give to community

Or school

Or to a friend?


In what moment did it become NOT okay to acknowledge

And know yourself to be giving… giving…

And when did it become near impossible to receive?

Yes, near impossible to accept…

Even a compliment, a thank you, a favour?

And when did it become so damn uncomfortable to accept help offered from a friend?


So what would it be to stand from afar and watch yourself

As you go about your day to day?

What would it be to see her?

That woman there who is so so capable

Of endless loving

Of endless doing

And endless giving?


Our woman souls were born giving

And our minds sometimes stop us receiving

And our words sometimes reject recognition and thanks


So.. today is the day that we quietly and humbly

Whisper to ourselves

“ WOW you are AMAZING”.

And at night when you fall into bed you can say to yourself

“ You did GREAT today”

In just the same way you might say to your child, your partner or your friend.


Tonight give to yourself the kind words, kind thoughts and encouraging circle thoughts the ones that go around and around

And place these kind words in place of the ones that tell us we could have done more, given more, stretched more…

And replace them with “ I did enough. I did all I could”

When you close your eyes tonight

Take a moment to thank yourself

For being you

And remind yourself

That giving and receiving is what keeps love alive

And love is what keeps the world being worth a place to be alive IN.

See what you do?

It’s not so little after all

Is it?

Catherine Evans 2017