~Woman’s Circle ~

In the Women’s Room,

Busselton, Western Australia

Sacred Inner Circle : a group of women who have been meeting for 10 + years. Sacred Practices and Sharing Circle. 

Women’s Heart Circle: a Circle of simplicity, sharing, learning, connecting focused on reducing stress and learning ways to increase peace inside when the world is constantly changing and challenging. 

Women’s Circles are held once a month on a Wednesday evening @ 6:45pm in Busselton. 


What is Circle?

At the simplest explanation Circle is a space where women gather to connect with themselves and with other women. 


Can you imagine a sacred space where you come to remember who you truly are, where you feel safe to speak secrets you have held in for your lifetime and know they will be heard sacredly, not questioned, advised or criticized? 

Can you imagine a sacred space where who you are, emerges in the quiet acceptance of the Circle and you are encouraged to take courage in welcoming all parts of yourself to yourself and to others? 

Can you imagine a sacred space where your individual spirituality becomes known to you without effort, gently and gradually? 

Can you imagine a space where the feminine is honoured and the masculine is acknowledged?

Women’s Circle is an opportunity for women to be quietly immersed in their sacred feminine and in acknowledgment of the sacred balance with the masculine. This Circle is a living experience of connection with self and with others. It is a reminder of our connection to the whole. 

By the process of allowing, not forcing, by welcoming not fixing, by honouring and not rejecting, we gently and simply come back to love for self, a connection between mind, heart and soul and a return to compassion for self and others. 

Themes for Circles: 

A theme can direct the flow of the circle for exploration and sharing. 

  • Release and reflect
  • The 3+ Intelligences we have.
  • Understanding stress
  • Strategies for stress
  • Radical acceptance
  • Leadership
  • Shame and it’s antidote empathy (Brene Brown)
  • Understanding our fear of rejection
  • Simplicity of meditation
  • Heart connection
  • Creating space
  • The Sacred Feminine
  • Divine connection
  • Connection with self 
  • Connection with others
  • Gratitude as healing
  • Compassion
  • The context for womanhood today
  • Motherhood
  • The Mother Wound

Why is Circle so unique and how is this one different from other Circles?

This Circle is sacred simplicity and the rhythm of the circle is relaxed and informal. 

In Circle, you will find yourself held as your true self, your soul self, the person you are and want to be. Your need for the masks that sustain you as you go to work, school and manage life, can be left at the door. 

Being with other women who are travelling a similar woman’s journey to you is a gift. As women, we are mother, wife, partner, community member, friend. Women find in one another a glimpse of another who knows, who understands. In her eyes you are equal to her, a traveller traversing the womanhood path.

Circle Maps

There are 3 different frameworks for Circle. Circle is primarily a place to tune into your own values, allow a vision in your life for more of what you want and also space to safely practice expressing yourself. All Circles have an element of sharing although no one is required to speak or share if they do not wish to.

Tree Of Life Of Woman’s Women’s Circles alternate foundational themes and include learning circles where we learn about certain life topics and share and discuss the topic, narrative/story circles where we consider stories for reflection and learning, creative circles where we call upon our creative self in a non- confronting and safe way. 


The Circle size is usually between 3-10 women only. The ebb and flow of numbers matches the ebb and flow of our lives as women. We come when we can and not when we can’t. 

Time and Day

We gather at 6.45 and Circle ends between 8.30 – 9 pm. We meet on Wednesday evenings.

We may join for a cup of tea afterward, or prior to Circle and you are welcome to stay if you wish.  

Circles offered

We offer two Circles. Our ‘Invitation’ Circle is held near full moon time and our Inner Sacred Circle is held near the new moon time.

A full moon is full and round. As the sun and moon are directly opposite each other, the fullness is illuminated. It is a time to receive the gifts of your past intentions, and even possibly your current one. As we move forward, the moon transforms from waxing to waning, and this signifies our journey to take our focus within rather than outwards.

Our Sacred Inner Circle is by invitation only. It is a gathering of women who have been coming to Tree Of Life Circles for an extended period of time. This Circle is held near the new moon which marks the beginning of a new cycle. The new moon holds an emptiness and marks a time of receptivity and full potential for what is to come. It is a perfect time to create and hold intentions for what you hope for in your life. 

Nature ~ can help us slow down.

As a child growing up on our farm I felt very connected to the earth. I was not consciously aware of the cycles of the moon and yet I lived in some kind of rhythm with the cycles of nature. Being outside a lot in those years gave me a feeling of being held somehow. The deep love I had for the farm remains with me to this day. Nature was the place I retreated to when things were challenging. It was also the place I sought to celebrate. Nature can bring us to presence.

Nature calls us to notice what is in the moment, a beautiful full moon, a wild sea, an eagle flying. Nature is our natural mindfulness class. Many of us live disconnected now from earth, from any kind of rhythm that creates space for us to connect to ourselves, to pause from our busy lives. The moon cycles can give us a gentle nudge to remember and to honour our selves.