Birth is a journey into which you will find yourself investing your mind, heart, body and soul into…. regardless of how you choose to give birth.

When a baby comes forth from inside our body in any way, you are giving birth – not only to your baby ~ also to yourself as you become a mother.


Before you birth, can be scary….. this scary feeling can take us in one of two directions
~ immersed in the challenge, reading, asking, enquiring, finding a birth preferences plan that meets your needs and wants and dreams
~ take a more passive role and follow what medical practitioners advise you and take a more ‘let’s see what happens’ approach.

Both approaches are fine, it is all about choice. What is important in birth is to follow your heart and your instinct in regards to what YOU need in order to bring your baby into the world.

KISBirth, is about supporting you in that quest.

KISBirth is about simplifying the complicated and helping you to meet your fears, find your values, your vision for your Birth and then find your VOICE to speak your truth about your needs, wants and dreams for birthing.

KISBirth coaching supports you to be empowered as you to prepare for Birth spiritually, emotionally and mindfully.


After you birth your baby there can be many high emotions as your hormones settle, your system adjusts after the intensity of the experience, your soul finds the way home and your whole self adjusts to having your newborn in your life, the changes in your relationships with your partner, your friends, your family……

There is SO much to integrate into your new self, your new identity in the days following birth…..

KISBirth birth story integration sessions can support you through this process so that you can settle within yourself and adjust to the new you and your new life. This is relevant even for second, third or fourth babes.

KISBirth Doula support can also be made available to you at your request where a support person can actually attend your birth with you. This is a professional who has experienced many births in a support role and someone who knows how to be present without actually interfering or taking over the role of your partner but who knows how to be quiet, calm and supportive and be fully present for you during your birth experience.

To find out more please go to Lets TALK and arrange a time to talk with Catherine

(no obligation ~ Catherine is passionate about women having the support they WANT not the service they are pushed into) :

Catherine’s gentle but firm ways leaves you feeling not only safe but comfortable in her care. Her positive direction and encouragement for my husband’s involvement in the birth was seamless. Catherine’s ability to assist with issues that mentally clouded my way and stopped me from enjoying this birth experience was amazing. Catherine is professional and supportive in every way and although we are not planning to have a 3rd child at the moment we would not want to have another without her Coaching and support.


KISBIrth Coaching Client

Like an angel, you flew into my life to guide me through an amazing, life-changing experience. You helped me heal many wounds from the past and empowered me to lead into the future.  Everything has changed for me about the way I parent and my confidence in life, in general, has soared. I am forever grateful.


KISBIrth Coaching Client