Do you have a question, fear, concern or are you wondering if some things in your life could be different. Maybe you are not sure if you want them to be different and yet you have a feeling that keeps coming up. 

Our tendency is to bury our feelings because they feel like an interruption to our perceived security even if that security is not in actuality secure but as humans we are attached to the idea or the feeling of certainty. 

They way I work is one in which you hold the power so in a way you direct the sessions, I give choices and you make choices about how you want things to go so there is no pressure to speak about a certain topic unless you bring it to the session for discussion. 

I coach and counsel women and I have been coached and I have had counselling. I am and you are a normal woman. We have our challenges, our pain our fears. Sometimes we are coasting along just fine and other times we need support. That is okay. 

I create a safe space for you to share what it is you wish to share, what you wish to speak and what you wish to transform. I would love to speak with you. 

So… feel free to contact me for more information or just a one-off call. It will be my privilege to hear what you want to say and assist you in any way I can.

Sessions can be by phone, Zoom, Skype.

In-person sessions available (only in Busselton, Western Australia)