Is this retreat for you?

What is a retreat for? Is it just a trendy term that is used in marketing to attract you to an event?

This Real Life Women’s retreat was created when I had a kind of whisper in my ear that said ” Return to Self” and I realised that somewhere in the maze of raising children there was a part of me that had come up for air.  

It was like I had woken up. Suddenly attuned to my own self again. To my existence. To the woman, I truly am inside.  It was the woman who was strong enough to speak my mind, and what was in my heart. 

It was the woman who was more fearless…. more able to believe in myself and my abilities… the woman who could actually bring value to the world and actually acknowledge to myself that this was so… WOW, that was the longest of all discoveries. 

So… I have created this retreat with my own journey in mind… hoping that in some way I could make the traversing of the journey back to self a little less difficult and a little more supported. 


Do you find yourself struggling to value yourself?

Do you find your emotions overwhelming?

Are there lonely moments?

Or are you excited and looking forward to a new phase of life?

This weekend retreat if suitable for any woman who finds there is no time to slow down, to pause and consider who you truly are inside, what you want and how you want your life to be. This is for women who have had a period of time where you have disconnected from your true self either through parenting years, or career years or some other reason. You have found that this is your time to come out of that phase of life and enter a new phase of inspired living.

Maybe you have been feeling:


A feeling as if you are on the brink of something new and exciting

A change in your role and hence your identity

Children moving into another life stage

A bit ‘lost’ like you have no direction


A busy mind

A creative mind with lots of ideas for your new phase and yet no clear pathway

Like you cannot express what you truly need or who you truly are

Like you are not ‘enough’

Time to Pause

This retreat is a pause in life for YOU. It is time to reflect to actually stop long enough to listen to the wisdom from within.

This is also a time to reconnect to your spiritual self – whatever that is for you and to reconnect with that part of yourself.

This is an opportunity to open a doorway to something new for you, a new start, a new way of being.  

What To Expect…

An experience of knowing and an honouring of self

A deeper respect for yourself

More compassion for self and others

Richer and deeper connection with other women

Finding the centre of leadership within you

Changing stories that we carry

An understanding of Head, Heart and Gut intelligences within you

Meditation – simple and easy

A safe space to be you

An opportunity to find your voice

Access your own wisdom within

Feel more empowered

What you will take home with you….

Reduction in stress

Awareness and understanding of emotions vs feelings

Connection with your own intuition

Deeper sense of spiritual part of you and of source

Connection with other women

Take home reminders of how to access own inner power again

Replenished energy and resources

The Space

Catherine facilitates a loving safe space for women. Agreements will be made at the start of the retreat between all retreat attendees regarding elements that we will all need to feel help us feel supported. The space will be a space ofnon-judgementt and acceptance.

If you think this retreat might be for you then please express an interest and we will have a short conversation to determine whether or not this retreat is right for you. This will not be a pressure sales conversation. It is important to me that you come to this retreat when it feels right for you to do so.

What is included in this retreat?

Casual and comfortable sleepover accommodation (Please bring your own towel and pillow)

Evening meals and breakfast (Bring a dish to share for lunches)

Morning tea and afternoon tea

A journal/notebook

Recommended reading list

Mp3 meditation audio to take home

This retreat is an opportunity for depth of connection which nurtures vulnerability and subsequent strength so this retreat will be limited to 8-10 women which will support the nature of the retreat and give maximum value to participants.


60% + off full price for First Time ever offered
Value: $750+
This June/July retreat only $337.00
Early Bird paid in full by 19 June $297
Women’s Circle Women price – $200

With love and support

Catherine xx