” Today i feel happy, today I have back my joie de vivre, today I can smile. Thank you Catherine for helping me on my journey to feeling this way again. What I value most was the space to openly explore what was going on for me and your reflections, insights and questions that enabled me to see things differently which gave me a lot more power in my situation. Thank you. ”



Catherine is a heart centered coach who intuitively connects with her clients.

She is very supportive and gently assists the client to speak their truth and unveil the way forward. Catherine is a heart, head, gut coaching (mBraining) practitioner, a practice I found to be extremely powerful as it enabled me to connect with my own body, and tap into the best fit solution for any challenge I was experiencing at the time.

She has a very calm and supportive voice which enabled me to tap into my own internal wisdom and find solutions for moving forward. I attest to Catherine’s coaching ability and extraordinary talent at intuitively guiding a person to access their own inner wisdom.

I highly recommend Catherine if you are seeking to challenge your thinking and empower you to progress when addressing your own challenges.


Also, I’d like to thank you again for our sessions, you helped me through a rough patch this year & I really appreciate your work & your kindness! Our sessions inspired me to start down the road of self-discovery. I’ve learnt to start trusting my inner knowing, and I’m constantly learning how to develop self-discipline & responsibility. Knowing & embracing some of my values has also helped me a lot already. 
Woo hoo!
Anonymous aged 20 years old. 

Like an angel you flew into my life to guide me through an amazing, life changing experience. You helped me heal many wounds from the past and empowered me to lead into the future. I am forever grateful .

Birth Coaching Client

Just a little something to let you know that I really appreciated you taking the time and effort to put together and facilitate my Blessingway. (Birth Ceremony in preparation for Birth)  It was such a special night for me and I feel truly blessed. 
You are a very special person in my life and in the lives of many.


Catherine’s gentle but firm ways leaves you feeling not only safe but comfortable in her care. Her positive direction and encouragement for my husband’s involvement in the birth was seamless. Catherine’s ability to assist with issues that mentally clouded my way and stopped me from enjoying this birth experience was amazing. Catherine is professional and supportive in every way and although we are not planning to have a 3rd child at the moment we would not want to have another without her Coaching and support.

Birth Coaching Client

Thank you very much for the wonderful coaching I received from you Catherine. I was floundering about with little in the way of direction and no clue where to start in finding it.

Although coaching is not counselling I felt the results were the same. Working with you in this way helped me to look within myself for the answers that were already there, but I did not know how to access them, you supplied the tools.

Your warmth and compassion in dealing with very sensitive challenges that I faced, helped me feel, more courageous and able to deal with them myself. I am still using those tools now, and find that they have become habitual and so, part of my journey. The coaching certainly broke through some barriers for me and helped tremendously in freeing me from my self-imposed prison.

I liked the calm, thoughtful and safe place you created in order to explore this untamed land, your coaching has been a wonderful gift.  
In grace and gratitude.

May E