Recently I offered a 30 day Online Retreat of Thankfulness. It was a free offer, I wanted to create a positive space online where people could gather and create thankfulness in a collective environment.

I hesitated for so long launching this retreat. I was nervous, worried it might not work , worried that people were ‘over’ gratitude journals etc. All this stuff occurred ONLY in my head. As I moved through fear and offered the retreat anyway this is what participants reported.

“Thank you Catherine, I don’t think I posted every day but I am really blessed by the shift in thinking – bring on the next retreat”

“So very grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this retreat, has been a joy reading everyone’s open, authentic posts, thanks for sharing all. Am also truly grateful for the collective feminine and the magic that happens when we come together “

“WOW have loved this extraordinary energy fuelled retreat! Very thankful for this retreat and grateful to you Catherine for the invitation! I have loved contributing to the energy and vibes that this has created bouncing off each of our posts and onto the universe at large!”

“Thank you Catherine for this retreat. I’ve been enriched thru reading the gratitude of others. This journey of journaling gratitude is a habit I’ll continue”

Today I’m grateful for fellow humans especially those who strive to make the world a happier and aware place to be. Thanks Catherine  for creating this group. Thanks to everyone for sharing! I always look for the good, this group has reminded me of the importance of that. Namaste and Thanks Too Catherine. What you are doing with women in this community it is very special.

So what does thankfulness or gratitude bring?

1.Rhythm: For me it brought a rhythm. A daily rhythm.

A building of a new habit. Last night for the first time (and I had run 30 days of my own gratitude journal via and app on my iphone before offering this retreat) during the night when I woke and my woman brain started revisiting all my fears – they always seem to come forth when I awake at night – another voice in my head seemed to emerge spontaneously and began to calmly almost recite it seemed – I am so thankful for my home, I am so thankful for my life, I am so thankful for my family, I am so thankful for my opportunities… and when I returned to bed I also returned to sleep. A MIRACLE.

2. Sharing: Secondly, I found that this common meeting place of thankfulness allowed people to share openly and trust on a whole different level. People who are thankful or even interested in being thankful have something in their hearts that calls them to come together. So … a community forms.

3. Contributing – Giving : Sometimes… it is great to start something even when we feel like we don’t know what we are doing. There is a chance it might not work sure, but there are MORE chances that you will contribute something to someone and potentially change their life in some way, big or small.

4. Thankfulness brings a FOCUS. Focus on what is good, what is wonderful , what is possibly and the potential of our next moment, our next day this LIFE.

So that has been my journey in thankfulness…. I wish for you the same so please keep a watch on our Facebook page
For our next retreat that kicks off on May 1st 2017.

The next retreat is an exploration into the concept of Giving. What we give out and what we receive. Just like the Thankfulness retreat I am not really sure what will emerge and yet I know that the universe will provide something to us all by merely focusing in on Giving. Of course…

Where there is Giving
There are always Gifts

Catherine Evans