Seems like some magic was in the air in the past week I had away. I had been reading Pam Grout’s ” Thank and Grow Rich” and was practicing extreme gratitude even though I was most obviously a beginner in this arena.

I went with my husband to attend my nephews wedding and it was THE most beautiful wedding. To see this young boy grow into a man and now a husband, gently wiping his wife to be’s tears during the entire ceremony in such a tender gesture was just incredibly heartwarming… and this wedding was full of many of those moments…

After the wedding my sister and I travelled together for many hours to stay with my dear friend Alison who is now 88 years old… we were steeped in hours and hours of wisdom as she talked to us about life, spirituality, death, choices, love, penises and scrotums… aha yes we LAUGHED a lot.

I realised a few things on my time away and I want to share them here with you – gleaned from our time with Alison my Wise Woman Friend. 

  1. Having an open mind = youth stays with you longer. Learn and enquire, ask questions, be open and honest and life will bring you richer and more meaningful relationships
  2. Laugh a LOT – Laughing with friends is the true spirit of life and stays with you via brain chemicals called endorphins for some time after your laughing moment. 
  3. Live truly in the moment – this brings a true and deep appreciation for whatever is happening right NOW. The good and the challenging. Life’s ups and downs bring us happiness and learning and this is the lifeblood of a fulfilled life.
  4. Leave judgement out of your daily living. Judgement creates disconnection and ultimately costs us love. 
  5. Be open. Be Honest. Speak respectfully and boldly as if your time on earth is limited.. because it is. 

Enjoy and treasure every moment because it is SO precious…. connections can happen when you are not together because the love you have remains in the heart of the one you are apart from and in yours. 

True heart connection know NO distance or time. Spirits connect over millions of miles and love is always present. Love openly with your heart….. forgive yourself for all you are not and celebrate what you ARE and who you ARE. Believe in what can manifest in your life…. 

Live.. Live.. Live