How is your busyness thermometer right now?

There is a busy-ness to life that has become quite ‘ over the top’. We run from here to there and we do our job for family, community and our businesses. We rise early and we go to bed late until…. we wake up one day and find that we are older, sometimes much older and in the giving that we gave, we simply forgot to give something to our own selves.

Are you crazy busy yourself?

Are you falling into bed every night with not a tiny bit of emotional energy left?

Do you find yourself longingly dreaming of being locked away in a motel with champagne, TV and slippers ALL ALONE?

You might not have the time or the money to run away to a motel or even feel like you COULD leave if you wanted to … so a few years ago I was inspired by my dear friend who ran women’s circles and shared with me the how of it all and I started to gather women together for a tiny taste of the haven dream and created the Tree Of Life Women’s Circles.

If you immediately get images of women howling at the moon and dancing naked around the fire you can quite safely replace that image with a group of women fully clothed sometimes in their PJ’s if they just wanted to be super comfortable that night who are curled up on a couch mostly looking relaxed, laughing and talking and just taking time out. Sometimes reverant and reflective, sometimes sharing stories sometimes not, sometimes contemplative and sometimes really really belly laughing….. It is like a tiny holiday of 2 hours for the month just gone that is shared with other women with equally crazy busy lives who need this time out just as much as you do.

Women have always gathered in circles together and many times the circles are referred to as sacred circles. In such gatherings, women can experience a deep authenticity within themselves – a truth or ‘realness’ that is often lacking as we tend to our day-to-day lives and its multitude of roles and responsibilities.

In the course of our days, as we serve and care for our families when we have internal changes going on in our mind , heart and soul what happens to our acknowledgement of all that? It can be a swirling pool of emotion that we never seem to have time for.

Circle with Tree Of Life Of Woman is not a therapy group nor is it counselling. This Circle is a space in which women find themselves supported as they traverse their own life journey whether that be a healing journey a personal growth journey or a life journey well travelled. It is however, a place where you can freely be your authentic self without judgement or advice.

Women have always gathered together to share with one another. In our farming community where I grew up, it was often afternoon teas. Cakes and slices were shared and stories of how things were. Circles were common in many forms many many years ago and as time has changed we have met together less and less as women. Or it has become more an ‘organised/structured’ occurence such as mothers groups.

Tree Of Life Of Women’s Circles are a mix of sacred and down to earth fun and just a good time. The sacred and reverent part allows us to connect with our inner often hidden true self and the singing ( don’t worry there are only 2 songs and you dont HAVE to sing) stirs up our energy and revives us inside and the goddess cards give us a laugh and the sharing allows us to download freely if we wish without any risk of judgement or advice.

“When we meet in circle we join to hold everyone in sacred space and purpose. We are bringing forth an ancient way of connecting into modern times. We gather to share stories, to deepen our identities individually and in group – often with the intention to enable and shape a postpatriachial way of being. We also gather to heal life. We can meet in circle to share our joy, we can meet in circle to work on projects or join in ritual at various levels of depth and purpose and we can meet in circle to help to change our world. (Reference:

In Circle, everyone is equal and one woman’s voice is just as important as the next woman. Her words she speaks are honoured and deeply respected.  

When you come to Circle you will:

  • Ignite your courage (it will take some courage to turn up right?)
  • You will feel some increased peace inside
  • You will take time out from your family to replenish
  • Connect with other like minded friendly women
  • Laugh

Here is what Tanya has to say about her experience of coming each month to Circle

Women’s circle for me is a sacred space to ‘come home’ to myself. A beautiful, feminine space to slow down and go inward and listen to myself, surrounded and supported by other beautiful women. Coming together to share stories and sing connects us in a truly reverent expression of the feminine in all its glorious qualities, from vulnerability to empowerment. Circle allows me to give back to myself so I can give to others. I truly love it, it tops up my heart space completely

You might think you don’t have time for this and you know what you don’t!!! None of us do.

We just STEAL the time. We sneak out of our homes and find sanctuary in our little Women’s room curled up on a couch and it is BLISS.

So… are you READY to indulge yourself in a simple, recharge?

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There is no RIGHT time for this and yes it is cold outside right now but in the morning when you open your eyes after coming to Circle you will remember the evening and all you experienced and you will feel a quiet happiness and be glad that you claimed that tiny, weeny, oh so lovely,  2 hours for yourself.


What the women say about Circle: 

by NB, Busselton

… Through Tree of Life of Woman’s Circles Catherine is creating a welcoming oasis for women and girls.( There is a Women’s Circle and then a separate Mother & Daughter Circle)  These beautiful spaces in the evenings, once a month,  are safe nurturing and filled with support and simple pleasures.

We who go Connect through sharing stories , music , relaxation , prayers , song and discussion creating a space of trust and mutual support. These are reflective circles. Spaces to recharge and refresh. I love the way Everyone is given space just to be themselves and the women are so lovely the way others are welcomed and accepted I’ve made new friends at these circles but most importantly I’ve had fun and really had encouragement to take time to do more things for me and in doing so I have learnt more about self love and acceptance.

As women it’s easy to give so much to others and leave self care as an afterthought. Circle is something I do that’s just for me that helps me fill up my own love tank. I attend whenever I can and leave feeling refreshed and inspired every time. Somehow energised !

There is a sacredness and a timelessness about coming to circle that’s hard to describe. It’s a bit cosmic. Just a bit. Not too out there but reverent and respectful and basically special.

Something Catherine said was that  ……. ” women have been gathering in circle since there where people . when women sit together in Circle, things happen and more often than not its more than just a little bit magical when they do ! “

It’s true . If your Setting an intention to make your life better, richer and more juicy Circle can help make that happen.

Finding a good supportive group of women and coming to circle is definitely something I’d encourage more women and girls to do.

Come check it out sometime and join in at Catherine’s gorgeous venue. Tree of Life of Woman Circle may just be the goodness your looking for !